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By Danielle Hitch

27th November, 2016 youtube

ChrisFlipp You Tube Channel

The ChrisFlipp You Tube Channel has over 50 short videos that provide an introduction to a range of research and drug & alcohol topics. Most cover their content in less than 10 minutes, and provide a bite size overview with some added tongue in cheek humour.

What’s good

  • The length of the videos make them easy to watch amongst your other duties
  • All are engaging and accessible to watch
  • The combination of research skills and drug & alcohol themes are particularly relevant to mental health
  • Both qualitative and quantitative research topics are addressed

What’s not so good

  • Chris is obviously from America, so some of the information presented isn’t directly translatable to the Australian context
  • There are some minor errors in some videos (although these are corrected with notes in the videos themselves)
  • The pace of some videos is quite fast, and would require repeated viewing

Recommended Videos

  • Surveys
  • Reliability and Validity
  • Case Study
  • Anatomy of a Research Article
  • Philosophical Assumptions and World Views 

So, what’s the verdict ….

If you like your information bite sized, and in a way that doesn’t take itself too seriously, the ChrisFlipp channel is for you. It’s a great as an introductory resource, and as a ‘refresher’ when you’re reading research. Fun, concise and accessible.


8 out of 10 !!!


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