Hot Off The Press – November 2016

This month has seen the publication of new evidence to support practice in both forensic and acute settings, along with the introduction of a new functional scale. Click on the articles title to see the full abstract.


Connell, C. (2016). Forensic occupational therapy to reduce risk of reoffending: A survey of practice in the United Kingdom. Journal of Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology, 27(6), 907-928.

Fitzgerald, M. (2016). The potential role of the occupational therapist in acute psychiatric services: A comparative evaluation. International Journal of Therapy & Rehabilitation, 23(11), 514-518.

Samuel, R., Russell, P.S., Paraseth, T.K., Ernest, S., Jacob, K.S. (2016). Development and validation of the Vellore Occupational Therapy Evaluation Scale to assess functioning in people with mental illness. International Journal of Social Psychiatry, 62(7), 616-626.


If you review these articles, consider doing a critical review for your fellow readers of this blog!!

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