Setting Up a Blog for Mental Health Occupational Therapists

By Danielle Hitch

November 27th, 2016


I thought it would be good to start the ball rolling on our ‘Practice Innovation’ posts by telling you all about the background work that went into setting up OMPH. For much of this year, I have been working towards its launch and the academic in me really wanted it to be based on evidence (and yes, I can hear you all groaning, but bear with me).

I was fortunate enough to have the support of two fourth year Deakin University students – Georgie Bundy and Rohana Tully – who surveyed mental health occupational therapists about what they’d like to see on this blog. And here’s what they found from the 28 mental health occupational therapists who responded:

  • About half had used blogs before, mostly for personal use. However, 30% had accessed research via a blog in the past, and all of them stated they found the medium really useful
  • The majority wanted to access the blog weekly (46%) or monthly (42%)
  • Around 27% were interested in submitting their own work to the blog, with a further 54% somewhat interested
  • The most popular proposed features were critical reviews of recently published articles, lived experience posts, lists of the latest research in mental health occupational therapy and practice innovation
  • The majority (77%) stated that a mental health occupational therapy blog would be beneficial or very beneficial to their practice.
  • Blogs were seen to be effective ways to support communities of practice (73%) and rapidly disseminate knowledge and evidence (92%).
  • Almost everyone (92%) wanted to see themed fortnights or months on the blog over the course of the year and many provide specific suggestions around the content of these themes

So, lots of great suggestions there – what have I done with them?

  • The blog will be updated at least fortnightly, but has the capacity to be updated instantly should breaking news or hot topics arise
  • The blog will be multi-author to enable all members of the mental health occupational therapy community to contribute
  • The most popular proposed features have all been included
  • There will be a theme every fortnight which people are welcome to contribute to, along with the ability to post on whatever tickles your fancy


There you go – evidence into action! I will continue to evaluate the impact of this blog at regular intervals, but don’t wait for a feedback survey to tell us what you think! Comment on the posts, and hit us up at to let us know if this blog is hitting the spot (or not).

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