Proppa Deadly – Personal Stories of depression and anxiety from Indigenous Australians

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In this project supported by beyondblue, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people post their personal stories of depression and anxiety. Sixteen radio stations across the nation produce and broadcast these stories, and they are also collected on this website.

Proppa Deadly

The stories are around three minutes long, and include both male and female perspectives. The first part of each story describes how the person experienced their symptoms, while the second part describes which supports they accessed and actions they took to recovery. An initial evaluation has found the project has elicited extremely positive responses from the community, and that the aural format of the stories is particularly engaging for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people. Read more about the evaluation here

Many stories mention the functional issues associated with depression and anxiety (i.e. difficulties caring for a baby, social isolation), but they are not the focus of the narratives. These stories are very personal and powerful, and provide a client centred, culturally appropriate resource for anyone working with Indigenous people.

7.5 out of 10

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