Heading off to ethics ….



Hi ho, hi ho, its off to ethics we go ….

Ethics review and ethics committees play an incredibly important role in evidence based practice. When you take your great idea and expose it to such peer review, you ensure that you are upholding the principles of autonomy, beneficience, non malfecience and justice. In other words, ethics committees help us all respect our clients agency, give them what they are owed or deserve, do good and do no harm.

TEAR (The Ethics Application Repository) is hosted by the University of Otago, and is an  open access, on line repository of ethics application forms and consent statements. The ability to see how others are demonstrating their ethical prowess is incredibly useful for ethics virgins and old timers alike – the translation of the principles into practice is a very tricky task. TEAR includes a range of applications from diverse disciplines, many of which are from a health context.

To access TEAR click here, and I would encourage you all to consider donating your own applications – sharing openly is a practice we here at O4MPH are keen to promote!




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