How do I contribute to this fine publication …..

It couldn’t be easier!

OMPH welcomes contributions from anyone and everyone interested in mental health occupational therapy.

How to submit a post

All contributions must be in Word, and should be around 800 words (give or take). If you have bigger documents or other resources you’d like to contribute, these can be attached as files and links.

Email your post to Please include pictures and/or video with your post, and (if you have not contributed before) a personal photograph and short bio for our ‘Contributors’ page.

Pictures and video which include third parties must be accompanied by a signed consent form, as must any posts where a person has been interviewed or consulted on a topic.

Consent Form 

Your submission will be read by the editor (Danielle Hitch) for readability and accessibility. All perspectives and views are welcome, and content will only be edited if it is confusing or unclear, defamatory, discriminatory, breaching copyright, factually incorrect or doesn’t used person centred language. The editor will advise you of any changes proposed to your submission promptly, and you will have the opportunity to decide whether to proceed or not. If you decide to proceed you post will appear on the blog within 24 hours.

What to include:

Hot Off The Press – A short post listing article published within the past month.

You may wish to list several, or just one and provide a critical review (see examples of both on the blog). A hyperlink to the abstract of each article should be provided, to enable readers to easily access it. 

Lived Experience – The personal stories of occupational therapists and the people they work with.

These stories may be told in a textual, aural (i.e voice recording) or visual (i.e. video) form. Please keep recordings or videos to five minutes maximum, although you may link to extended versions of the interview / story elsewhere. 

Practice Innovation – Stories from the coalface which illustrate quality improvement, critical incidents and hard earned practice knowledge.

Here is your chance to tell the OT world about that quality improvement project that’s been gathering dust! Include a little about the aims of the project, the method you used and the findings, before telling us what it means in practice. 

Resources – Reviews of books / apps / equipment extra which can make your life easier

Give a description of what the resource includes, and how you might use it in practice. Where possible, link to photographs or videos to provide further information to the readers. Remember to give the resource a score of of 10. 

Soapbox – Also known as ‘catharsis corner’, tell us what gets your fired up, hacked off or passionate about mental health occupational therapy

This is pretty much a place for freewheeling opinion – but remember to play nice 🙂

Creative Corner – A place for images, music and other alternative forms of information

While blogs are usually about words, we know that a picture (or other medium) can tell a thousand words. Please include a brief summary or description to provide some context for any material you post here. 

And now for some inspiration 🙂

How to Write a Blog Post for Beginners